Skye Grams

‘Capturing something of nature’s abstract symmetry, something inexplicably satisfying to witness.’

Hermione Skye
 I make a scaled model
fig.1 step one – scaled model.
Second, I create the components.
fig. 2 step two – creating the components.


Behind the scenes

The Skye Gram structure corresponds to the spiralling increase of the Fibonacci Curve (golden ratio), in an attempt to capture something of nature’s abstract symmetry, creating something inexplicably satisfying to witness.

I start to install the structure on site
fig. 3 step three – installing on site.
 Fourth, I paint accompanying murals
fig. 4 step four – paint accompanying murals
I begin weaving
fig. 5 step five – weave threads.

The Skye Grams are translucent and have the effect of a rainbow, blurring the background through rays of colour. The threads represent light that our eyes cannot see. The Skye Grams have a presence of calm, simultaneously activating a subtle part of our dynamic consciousness.

 I adjust the tension.
fig. 6 step six – adjust the tension.

‘My need to express something deeper reached beyond the measured inches of the warp and weft. I held on to the principles of tension and pattern, and developed a larger architectural form of weaving.’

Hermione Skye


Bespoke Skye Gram

TELL ME about your location. Best locations: high ceiling rooms, staircases, over reception desks, above beds.

ARRANGE a Zoom call, or preferably a visit to your site. We discuss the concept, colours, additional murals and the ‘feel’. I will create a scaled model for you to see how the Skye Gram will work in your place.

TIMELINE AND COSTS differ depending on the size of the space and will be quoted after the first discussion. Starting from £10,000.

YOU GIVE THE GO AHEAD so I can start to build your Skye Gram components. It takes roughly a week to install onsite.

Gallery of finished pieces