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Skye Grams


Represents the light our eyes cannot see.

The Skye Grams are translucent and have the effect of a rainbow, blurring the background through rays of multi colour. They represent a light that our eyes cannot see. They have a presence of calm, while activating a more subtle part of our dynamic consciousness.

Discovering the world of a loom was extraordinary. I became familiar with the philosophical layers enmeshed within the ancient mechanisms of weaving during my Textile Design Degree at Chelsea College of Art.

My need to express something deeper reached beyond the measured inches of the warp and weft. I held on to the principles of tension and pattern, and developed a larger architectural form of weaving.

Coined later by Kit Kemp as ’The Loom’ when she first commissioned an installation for Decorex International Design Fair, later the Ham Yard Hotel, London and the Whitby, NYC.

The Skye Grams structure always corresponds to the spiralling increase of the Fibonacci Curve, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on. I figured if this sequence represents a harmony within nature, then by using it as a framework to design each ‘Skye Gram’ within, I would arrive with an installation design that had captured something of nature’s abstract symmetry – something inexplicably satisfying to witness.


TELL ME about your location. Best locations: High ceiling rooms, stair cases, over reception desks, above beds.

ARRANGE a Zoom call, or preferably a visit to your site. We discuss ideas and colour. I create a scaled model for you to see how the Skye Gram will work in your place.

GIVE THE GO AHEAD. It will take up to two weeks off site to prepare and up to two weeks on site to install.

COSTS differ depending on the size of the space and would be quoted after the first discussion.

I would love to hear from you if you have more questions.



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