Skye Gram
fig.1 skye gram, USA
fig.2 painted mosaic
Paintings and installations


Coming Soon

Date: TBC

Painted in my mosaic style, this new collection is a combination of abstract form, animal symbolism, seasonal observation, and a sacred delivery of something more mysterious.

‘It [creating] is an obsession with trying to express something I feel, yet cannot explain.’

Hermione Skye

About me

Behind the Colour

There is a stillness

in me that transcends even the most graciously crafted piece of art, but up until that moment of pure stillness, making art allows me to reflect the emotional and subconscious reality I am witnessing.

Liminal space fascinates me. Making my art connects me to the invisible forces that awaken the attention of my soul. Patterns, colour and sacred geometry quench my thirst for knowledge when I cannot grasp the mysteries that lay beyond the veil of our time.

I studied at Central St. Martins and Chelsea College of Art. At the latter I pursued textile design. Making art has compelled me to comprehend philosophical and metaphysical ideas. It has been a way of expressing myself as far back as I remember. Making art has carried me through the hardest times, pulled me around the world, and lead me to joy, friendship and love. It is my lifeline.

Hermione Skye