My story

Creating is as essential to me as breathing, making love, sharing food and laughing.

As a child I utilised what ever was available, from my mums sewing machine and scraps of fabrics, to wood and nails in my grandmothers shed. Today my work encompasses a span of painting styles, artworks made by wrapping yarn and installations made from parachute cord. I studied at Central St. Martins and Chelsea College Of Art. After graduating I co-founded LTC – an open art collective in West London. Following the success of LTC we set up MINT collective in London / Marrakech, partnering with the Marrakech Biennials. During this time we ran residencies in Marrakech, organised artist collaborations, workshops, exhibitions and events. I hosted solo shows with live Skye Gram instalments and poetry readings. My Skye Grams hang in international hotels and private homes around the world. I opened an atelier in Helsinki and designed and run two restaurants in Indonesia. I have travelled extensively around Japan, Finland, Myanmar and Bali researching and creating an evolving body of work. I currently work from my studio in Southern England.

How I work

Creative process



Life is inspiration. It can come at random, but my best creative pursuits start with a walk under an open sky. When the wind is strong it is even better.



Sometimes I need to do something messy and rough. Sometimes I sit and consider each step gently. Either way, I just start.



I quieten my mind and follow the direction of the lightest flow Opening a book, looking at patterns, or walking outside helps to re-energise the flow.

‘I’d like people to have an intimate, silent communion with my artworks. A knowing between them, a secret wink. The artworks are alive and want to play.’

Hermione Skye