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a way home


London, UK
Latest collection

The collection presents a combination of abstract form, animal symbolism, seasonal observation, and occasionally a sacred delivery of something more mysterious.


Pieces of me

Selected artworks

Below is a close up of ‘Compassion’, one of my major artworks from this collection. I painted thousands of tiny squares onto a printed fabric, leaving areas of the floral print exposed. The layering effect is intended to create a sense of age, like an ancient building, where time has eroded the details and left clues for us to imagine. I believe when we are forced to fill in the missing details, it is beneficial for our synaptic growth.

Acrylic on printed fabric 125cm x 125cm

Birds frequently appear in my paintings. It is their sense of freedom and the open sky that draws me to birds. In this particular piece I have captured a moment of ascending flight, of liberation.

Untitled 125cm x125cm

I was lying in bed, sleepy. A sudden and very strong urge arose in me. I dragged myself out bed and walked in the pitch dark to my studio. It was cold. Moments after entering my studio, and before thinking, I started creating this painting [below]. Once the painting was completed, I looked at it and was reminded of how, as a young girl, I looked up at the world with wonder. The vast mystery of it all was lonely and marvellous. I walked forward into the darkness. I walked trustfully. I still look with wonder, I still walk trustfully, but I am no longer alone.

Acrylic on canvas 31cm x 200cm

Date – TBC

Location – London

Inspiration behind the ‘mosaic style’

I was breath taken by the mosaics of Ravenna, a small town on the north east coast of Italy.

Consequently I started experimenting with a painted mosaic style, and quickly realised how mediative the technique was. I became obsessed with the process. Creating the collection felt like taking a journey back home through valleys of emotion and instinct. None of the paintings were planned. I simply allowed myself to arrive at the canvas each day and followed a subtle guidance in the present moment. The paintings are full of birds and otherworldly sensations. When I create, my studio becomes a liminal place. I dip into the boundlessness with my paint to ground me.